Colour the page worksheets

Our apps for preschoolers offer coloring pages which correspond to the lessons within our learning apps for kids. Studies have shown that coloring can be used as an educational tool that can stimulate children’s overall growth and development. Not only will this strengthen the lesson, it also can improve your child’s mental growth and gross motor skills as well!

Free educational apps for kids such as ours strive to help children learn and grow. This is why we think it is important to provide educational apps and corresponding coloring sheets to help kids learn colors and fine motor skills such as staying within the lines. So, if you are looking for learning apps for kids that will allow you to easily choose specific coloring pages to print out that correspond with the app then you will be pleasantly surprised by the large array of coloring pages that we offer.

Our educational apps for kids are designed to provide parents with an easy, mobile interactive interface that can be combined with hands on table time to further enforce the concepts learned.

Coloring Sheets Available with our Free Kids Apps: