Play phone for kids

Turn your smartphone into entertaining children’s toy, phone just for your kid.

Looking for baby toys in a toy store we suggest rather to search inside your phone.

The perfect game to keep your toddler engaged.
Packaged with love, fun , funniest animations, music, balloon game, rhyme all in one Play phone.

Designed to give the feeling of real phone in kids own world. Go to contact list, selected their favorite character dial and have fun talking.



    • Kids friendly design, dozens of animations and sweet sounds
    • Interactive communication with animated smiles
    • Sounds and multiple themes for dialer screen
    • 9 games, 11 instrument sounds and much more
    • Real phone experience, incoming calls, missed call alert

This child phone has a number of games to play on phone.
Highly customized dialer option makes a perfect playphone (best toy).

Your toddler will keep on playing for hours with cute emoji smiley and text (SMS) messages, incoming calls and a lot more features altogether it ‘s a cool toy.

It is not just a Phone for kids, but includes 9 funny and attractive games specially created for kids including balloon/ bubble blasting games, funny animal games.

The music section is big collection of musical toys for the kids.

This baby phone is among the best educational toys available , you even can change it into some musical toys.

Dial a number and play the sounds of do re mi fa so la ti. To add more fun play do re mi fa so la ti in 11 different instruments including Piano, Guitar, Flute, Trumpet, Drum, Violin, Keyboard, Xylophone, Bagpipes, and more.

This toy box will be a perfect addition to your toddler’s toys.