ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free

If you are looking for learning games for preschoolers that will help your child to learn the English alphabet in a way that allows them to stay engaged then this is a great app!
Each letter of the alphabet is matched with a related object that begins with the corresponding alphabet sound. This helps children to recognize the letter, sound and object which correspond to the letter of the alphabet that they are working on.

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Top Rated Features of the ABC for Kids App

  • Supports both upper case and lower case alphabets
  • All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and is fully-featured
  • Offers Human Voice Over to Teach Correct Pronunciation
  • Offers Clear Image of Each Letter
  • Slide Show
  • Teaches Phonics of Each Letter of the English Alphabet
  • Features Corresponding Objects for Each Letter of the Alphabet
  • On touch you can listen to sounds again
  • Now with fun find me game
  • All new interface with Memory game
  • Multiple words for each alphabets
  • Special interface for tab
  • Social Media Integration